Hello everyone. I thought I'd write up another how to for people attempting to use there Treo 700w or 700wx as a tethered modem in Ubuntu.

The original guide written by elephant007 Found Here needed a couple of modifications to work under Hardy and the post is too old to respond to it. With that said all credit for this post as well as my thanks go to elephant007 for all the hard work.

Below is Elephant007 original guide with the modifications needed to work under Hardy.


I'll just give you what I did to get it going, after all, that's what a howto is for!

On your 700wx, Activate the Modem Link program and plug it into your USB cable attached to the comptuer, then

look for your 700wx, mine listed as

Bus 003 Device 004:  ID 045e:0079 Microsoft Corp.
Write down the vendor id which is the first set of numbers and then the product id which is the last set of numbers, Stop the Modem Link program and disconnect Treo from the USB cable.

sudo gedit /etc/rc.local
Add these lines above "exit 0" use the vendor and product numbers your wrote down, make sure you start each number with 0x

/sbin/modprobe ipaq vendor=0x045e product=0x0079
touch /var/lock/subsys/local
save and close and then run

sudo /etc/rc.local start

Start Modem Link on the Treo and reconnect it to the USB cable.

Check to make sure the modem driver loaded correctly

dmesg | tail
You should see the following message

usb 3-1: new full speed USB device using uhci_hcd and address 5
usb 3-1: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice
ipaq 3-1:1.0: PocketPC PDA converter detected
usb 3-1: PocketPC PDA converter now attached to ttyUSB0
If you didn't see the above output, Craig suggests a restart at this time
If you did see an output similar to the above, write down the information of where the PocketPC PDA converter is attached to.

Next we need to make a change to the PPPD config file to keep us connected once the connection is made. With out this change pppd will exit with a status 15 shortly after your connected.

Run the following

sudo gedit /etc/ppp/options
Change the following two lines

lcp-echo-interval 30
lcp-echo-failure 5
To this

lcp-echo-interval 0
lcp-echo-failure 0

(the rest of this howto is provided by the Sprint Broadband Setup Guide)
**Make sure you're connected to the internet to download appropriate packages**
Download KPPP and KPPLogview
Select ALL
Search for ppp
Select KPPP and KPPPLongview
After it's done downloading and in stalling, close ADD/REMOVE
Now let's configure the KPPP to use the modem we configured previously
Name the connection whatever you desire
Click ADD
enter #777 for the phone number, click OK>OK
this will take you back to KPPP Configuration
click the MODEM tab click NEW
name the modem whatever you desire
click the down arrow on the MODEM DEVICE and change it to the location that corresponds to the where your PocketPC PDA is attached to (mine is /dev/ttyUSB0) Click OK>OK, this will exit your out of KPPP CONFIGURATION
click CONNECT and watch your Treo connect you to the internet!

I rebooted my laptop several times, the only error I received once was that KPPP couldn't detect a carrier. I disconnected my Treo from the USB cable and waited a few seconds, then plugged it back in and this resolved the problem.

Good luck!!!