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Thread: Installing Fedora on top of a Windows installation

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    Re: Installing Fedora on top of a Windows installation

    Quote Originally Posted by PCessna View Post
    Again - I feel uneasy about using a live CD
    There are other ways, But obviously no one wants to speak up -- Fine, I'll go try Fedora's forums about their installer, forget you people then.
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    Re: Installing Fedora on top of a Windows installation

    First, in general, it is best to manage your partitions from a live CD.

    This is because you can not resize the root partition while it is running from hard drive.

    In regards to Fedora, yes Fedora, and in fact almost every distro, uses gparted.

    gparted can resize most partitions including both ntfs and vfat.

    If for some reason Fedora fails, you can use any distro that includes gparted including your Ubuntu CD.

    Take care in that Fedora will replace your boot loader and the installer may not recognize windows.

    Also Fedora by default uses LVM. If you do not know what that is either do not use it or read up on LVM before you install.

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