I was wondering if someone out there can help me clear up my confusion. I'm encountering a problem with my timezone (/etc/localtime) getting reset on every reboot. (I'm running Ubuntu off of a USB pen-drive.)

I have traced the problem down to:


This overwrites /etc/localtime with /root/usr/share/zoneinfo/UTC. I went and modified this file to get rid of this operation. However, it doesn't seem to correct the problem. After looking further, I see this file:


I'm *guessing* that this is what is being used at boot and why the editing of the other 02timezone didn't correct my problem. I can't edit the /rofs version of the file directly as /rofs is read-only.

So, my confusion lies in understanding why there's /rofs/... and /usr/.... Editing the /usr/.../02timezone is pointless if it is ignored. So, what's the point of this existing in the first place?

Is there a way around this? Do I need to follow the LiveCD customization in order to get my hands on the original 02timezone? Can I somehow get the boot process to utilize my modified 02timezone instead of the /rofs version?