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Thread: ubuntu studio 64: can't get camcorder recognized to extract miniDV onto computer

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    Re: ubuntu studio 64: can't get camcorder recognized to extract miniDV onto computer

    ok that tells me that the camera is being seen but you do not have permission to use it - which means the ubuntustudio control thing failed for raw1394. I can see that /dev/raw1394 is owned by the group disk and /dev/dv1394/0 by the group video.

    I am guessing that you belong to neither group type in the command
    'groups' to confirm this. Probably the one you want to be accessing is dv1394 which means you need to be in the video group.

    I am not overly familiar (Kubuntu user here) but I think there should be something that lets you do that in the user settings panel in Ubuntu. Otherwise you can try the following on the command line

    sudo usermod -a -G video [your user name]

    you will then need to log out and back in again (or restart). hope that helps

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    Re: ubuntu studio 64: can't get camcorder recognized to extract miniDV onto computer

    I am having the exact same problem. I have a Canon HD30 High Def camera that connects its tape drive via a 1394 cable. Running kino I get the same message and messages about loading the 1394 libraries. I am much interested in the resolution to this problem. I will also try the command
    "sudo kino" and
    gksudo kino
    and see if this makes any difference. I do have under the \dev\dev1394\0
    so it appears that the 1394 is attaching.

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    Re: ubuntu studio 64: can't get camcorder recognized to extract miniDV onto computer

    In my case kino, when run under "gksudo kino" correctly identifies my camera. I am outputting as HD1080i output. Can kino handle this kind of HD output??? Perhaps not?

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    Re: ubuntu studio 64: can't get camcorder recognized to extract miniDV onto computer

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