I tried to update to the latest issue of Linux when I hit a snag.

When I try to start the linux(it is dual booted with Win. xp), I get 1 of 2 errors. On the main issue it is error:

0.960156 Kernal panic not syncing VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown wn-block(0,0)

Then my caps lock indicator light starts to flash.(Not sure if this is important)

If I use the recovery mode option it comes up as error 0.980265 (same message).

I was able to go back to one of the other recovery modes to update some of the files(not sure which ones), now when I start up I get to the log in page hear the intro music and then get the peach page of boredom(nothing happens at this point). All of the other Linux issues do the same thing now. With the exception that they will not even give me the intro music - they straight to the ppb. At which point I have to hold down the power button to shutdown and restart.

So I cannot access any of the linux systems on my computer. Not a big user of, just want to have access to fiddle around in when I get bored of M$.

Is my computer pooched or can you offer some suggestions? What are the error #'s indicating?