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Thread: gnome-alsamixer error.

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    gnome-alsamixer error.

    Every time I start gnome-alsamixer I get the following error show and wonder if anyone knows anything about it. I have searched the forums but found nothing of consequence, hence the new thread.
    Bad key or directory name: "/apps/gnome-alsamixer/display_mixers/": Key/directory may not end with a slash '/'
    As far as I can see there is no reason for the error, and there is no slash at the end of the folder named ~/.gconf/apps/gnome-alsamixer/display_mixers
    Folder names can't end with a slash anyway, so what's going on? Gnome-alsamixer appears to work OK, when I need it, but I'm just curious about what is happening.

    EDIT: A further search shows that this has been reported several times but never with a solution, or at least I haven't found one. Anybody got any clues?
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