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Thread: Media Catalog & Jukebox Controller

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    DVD Media Catalog & Sony Jukebox Controller

    Intrepid - I maintain all of my CDs and DVDs in a disc jukebox (Sony DVP-CX995V). I have a tablet PC with a built in wacom touch pad and digitizer, and an IR. Ubuntu loaded, wireless & pad works, LIRC controlling the IR very close.

    What I want to do is turn this into a handheld media controller.
    Have some GPL application that I can visually search for a movie or album or song, touch the screen, the IR then tells the jukebox where to pick this up.

    So where do I find a media cataloging application that allows for a plug in where I can call out to a script that I would pass parameters to an it invokes the LIRC routines to send the IR stream?

    you can tell I am a newbie..

    thanks to all who provide guidance on the journey
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