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Thread: ubunto eee login onto windows network printer

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    ubunto eee login onto windows network printer

    hi all, i have just installed ubunto eee on my asus eeepc 1000h which originally came with ms xp, i fancied a change for this super little machine, and so far really like ubunto. one thing that has me stumpted though is how i print. its found my wifi router ok, and managed to find my windows network, so now i can open files saved on my other machines running xp. but how do i print across the network. i have an epson dx 8400 printer, attached to a machine running xp, so i need to utilise the windows printer driver i guess which is stored on the xp machine.

    does this make sense? and can someone help?

    thanks very much


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    Re: ubunto eee login onto windows network printer

    Have you tried doing this?
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