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Thread: iMON VFD -- sooo close

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    iMON VFD -- sooo close

    Hi guys,

    Am using an iMON VFD device and have gone through and set it up thanks to a few forum posts around - when I run

    sudo LCDd -f -r 4

    in the terminal it comes up and changes the display on the VFD - so this is telling me the drivers are working.

    Something else thats interesting here is that it says its Listening for Queries on in the terminal

    When exiting out of this it displays

    "Thanks for using
    LCDProc and Linux"

    I just can't get Myth or anything else to display anything on it. I have configured Myth to use an LCD Device in the Appearance settings but nothing seems to happen, it just keeps saying Thanks for using LCDProc and Linux. I know it must be something really small but how do I get Myth to display the various options on the panel?

    Thanks for any help in advance!
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    Re: iMON VFD -- sooo close

    Ok update, I have this now displaying the information on mythlcdserver - but only if I run that command

    sudo LCDd -f -r 4

    and then in a seperate terminal run lcdproc then open myth...

    How do I get those two things to run automatically on bootup!?


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