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Thread: Bastille for unstable?

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    Bastille for unstable?

    I've tried installing bastille, but get an error stating:
    Server is not running a stable version of Debian GNU/Linux
    on my Hardy 8.04.1 server and thus won't allow me to run and harden the server.

    There appears to be a version of Bastille for stable and for unstable Debian at

    This site suggests I add a line to sources.list, but after I do it either is not recognizing the change or is defaulting to the previous ubuntu repository as it tells me that my bastille version is already the newest version.

    So how do I...
    1) uninstall the current version of bastille
    2) apt-get the correct version of bastille from the other repository
    3) upgrade to a stable version of Debian?

    Inquiring minds wanna know?

    I suppose I could manually harden this beast, but that seems silly to not use the tools available.

    I think I got a similar message when trying to install SELinux, so any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Bastille for unstable?

    Ubuntu is not Debian. It is its own spin-off distro of debian. Likely you will need a tested and supported version of Debian in order to get that install properly (speaking from my experience with a similar app). It is not a good idea to add Debain repositories to your sources.list as it has potential to break your system via updates.

    So either:

    A) Install debian and use the Debian package

    B) Compile it yourself:

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    Re: Bastille for unstable?

    thanks for the reply... guess I'll go harden it manually...

    Seems odd for Bastille (and/or SELinux) to be in the ubuntu respository only to not be able to install them because they're unsupported...

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    Re: Bastille for unstable?

    Have you tried the Batille package that is available in the repositories?


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