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Thread: Unable to install Ubuntu or ANY Linux :-(((

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    Re: Unable to install Ubuntu or ANY Linux :-(((

    Hi Guys, bad news still no joy. It still hangs at the same place.
    Looks like it isn't ever going to work so I am either stuck with windows or I will have to get another latop

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    Re: Unable to install Ubuntu or ANY Linux :-(((

    i still believe its something else..

    i remember being able to run my buggy notebook with DSL (damn small linux) forcing it NOT to detect any hardware and go with old standards (which are usually supported by new hardware).

    you could try that.

    test it here:

    it wont give you what you want, but it will help you get a working system to work with (and for example, list hardware, start adding modules 1 by 1).

    id feel really exited to debug your notebook! you will learn a lot

    i dont remember which was the combo to disable hardware detection, read their website

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    Re: Unable to install Ubuntu or ANY Linux :-(((

    Quote Originally Posted by optimistique1 View Post
    Thank you for your help Topsiho, the worst part of all of this was not understanding 'WHY' this was happening.

    You mention that I will have to wait until the next stable kernel is released. It may sound silly but how do I know when it is released and also, when it is released what do I need to do exactly? Does t mean that I have to download the ISO again and how will I know that it contains the kernel that I need...

    I am only coming to grips with day to day usage of Linux and everything else is a bit 'over my head' at the moment.

    Many thanks

    The kernel is updated sometimes quite often with the regular updates from Ubuntu. And I am afraid there is a snag here: these updates are applied to an already installed Ubuntu system.
    So if I am right (which in this special case I hope I am NOT ) I fear that you'll have to wait for the next version of Ubuntu, or one of it's Release Candidates (beta versions that are released in the latter part of it's development cycle).
    If you have another working computer that is connected to the internet you can watch for these events, download the .iso's, burn them, check them for errors in the drive you are going to use for the install, and then try to install them.

    If I am not correct you could of course listen to the other posters and try their suggestions. Keeps you busy in the mean time, and you probably learn a lot from this. People learn more from when the going is tough then when all is going smoothly Only don't get frustrated...

    If this helps you: usually the install of Ubuntu is very smooth indeed. I use Ubuntu from the start (4.10) and have also used numerous other distributions, such as Mandrake (now Mandriva), Red Hat (my first, 5.1), Fedora and Suse. All are great, but none of them beats Ubuntu (except for the Dutch translations, in Ubuntu these are a mess, but this probably does not bother you ).

    But sometimes Ubuntu does not install on one of my computers, and then I try the alternate version. (Hey: did someone mention this to you? I did not read all posts).
    But all my computers that I have and that I had were older ones, except for a Toshiba laptop (which gave no problem at all) and my new Acer netbook, in which only the really new wifi chip gave problems (which were cured insufficiently in a newer kernel), which were fixed very well by compiling and installing a new driver, from a suggestion on a website dedicated to this specific netbook (it helps if you have a very popular computer).

    Hope this will help to you,


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    Re: Unable to install Ubuntu or ANY Linux :-(((

    Hi there.

    Try combining the previous parameters adviced in this forum.

    "noapic acpi=off irqpoll"


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    Re: Unable to install Ubuntu or ANY Linux :-(((

    Sory if I'm dragging up an old topic, but I've got one of these myself, and know how to fix it.

    The system needs the kernel command "nolapic_timer" to boot...

    I can't remember how to change this on a live CD off of the top of my head, but if you can find how to edit the boot parameters, you need to add "nolapic_timer" (without the quotes) after "quiet splash" on the kernel line.

    Surprisingly however, Karmic boots without this! - Yay!
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