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Thread: HOWTO: GEDIT history list & line numbering

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    HOWTO: GEDIT history list & line numbering

    TIPS & Tweaks:
    Gedit history / recent file number can be increased by

    Applications -> System Tools -> Configuratoion Editor ->
    apps -> gedit-2 -> preferences -> ui -> recents ->
    click the right pane, either double click under the "name" or click once in the "value" box.

    I have set mine to 30 just because it seems to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the screen. set according to your preference.

    This should decrease your time searching for a file. Once you open Gedit, just hit "File" on the menu bar and scroll down to open.


    Another great option is to enable line numbering.
    apps -> gedit-2 -> preferences -> editor -> line_numbers ->
    Check (on) the right panel box.

    This will ease the chore of counting lines when searching for an offending line of code.

    For example, you've opened /var/log/mail.warn, mail.error and mail.log One of the error logs shows that Postfix could not start because there is an error at line 84 of the config file. You would then open the offending file and directly look at line 84.

    If you work a lot with config files, like XF86Config-4, it soons becomes indispensible.
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