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Thread: Mythmusic Rip CD - Enter YEAR?

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    Mythmusic Rip CD - Enter YEAR?

    I've got a Mythbuntu 8.1 install, with both a backend/frontend and a separate frontend machine.

    I've just begun ripping audio CDs to the system. When I ripped a CD on the frontend machine, the files were stored locally on the frontend machine. I'd prefer the files be on the backend - is that configurable?

    My MAIN question though has to do with the parameters I enter in MythMusic before ripping the disc. There is a field labelled 'Year'. I assume this refers to the year the music CD was published/released. But I am unable to enter the year, whether on the backend or frontend.

    If I enter '2' in the field, a handful of letters/numbers come up in brackets, and I can keep pressing the two key until the two is highlighted, sort of like character input on a cell phone when texting somebody. But there is no way I've figured out to enter a '0'.

    How may I enter the year of my CDs on this screen?

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    Re: Mythmusic Rip CD - Enter YEAR?

    "0" lives on the 9 key. Keep pressing 9 until the 0 is highlighted. When you press another key it will confirm it, like on a phone keypad.

    I hate this "feature" as well, but luckily if you press enter on the field you can use the onscreen keyboard which is much less painful.


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