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Thread: Amarok 2.3.2 + Indicator Applet = Trouble

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    Amarok 2.3.2 + Indicator Applet = Trouble

    I switched from Lucid to Meerkat RC x86_64 yesterday and my oh my!!! Ain't I pleased. Trouble is, lured by the sound menu remote control, I decided to revert from Exaile(which I wasn't extremely pleased with, to be honest) to Amarok. 2.3.2 was the version that installed by default on my Gnome machine(No KDE). But then, I noticed the Amarok tray icon jumped to the Indicator Applet instead of the Notification Area. As a result, mouse scroll over the tray icon to change volume no longer works. Also, I couldn't find out how to change the volume using the terminal, so assigning global hotkeys goes out of the window. And since there is no global hotkey option is not available in Amarok, it's a dead-end. It really isn't a very big problem but is an annoyance nevertheless to change the volume. Any solution?
    P.S. - Not an uber geek, neither a beginner so please take care of that in the reply.
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    Re: Amarok 2.3.2 + Indicator Applet = Trouble

    Hi - I have the Gnome Multimedia Keys 2 script installed in Amarok (and the Notify Amarok one)

    I have set global hotkeys using the System - Preference - Keyboard Shortcuts

    and while amarok is playing using the mouse to increase/decrease the volume over the Sound Icon works fine

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