Certain applications when maximized, through double clicking on the title bar will maximize the window, but subsequent clicks will cause the window to "Jump" from Sticking to the top panel or the bottom panel. The most notable program that I've run into that has this problem would be Inkscape, though I have also had problems in running Freeciv.

Using Compiz and removing the title bars to the windows lessens the "Jump" distance down to only a few pixels, leading me to believe that it may be a resolution related issue (window too big, desktop too small, can't cope) currently running at 1024x768 if that helps, cannot seem to increase it to a 4:3 resolution beyond that.

Lastly, and this is probably obvious at this point, I am new to Ubuntu/Linux. As a recent convert from dreaded Microsoft Overmind, please; small words, no flashing lights, no loud noises.

Thank you for your time ~Z Beeble King