I have read about this, but have lost the posts and cannot find, again. (maybe reading too much - am now tagging helpful posts.)

I installed 8.04 using a USB stick. Install is fine, except:

installing with a USB drive does something funny to fstab (I don't know fstab very much - newbie.) Confuses usb for optical, or something...

"funny" - allows recognition of external usb drives but does not allow mounting, does not auto mount, "cannot mount volume"

I can force a mount, (but have lost that code/thread, too...) - clunky to do a terminal line to mount / unmount each session.

There is one line of code somewhere that can be commented out. Simply place a # at the start of the line. Lost that thread, too. Thought I had tagged, alas..

I promise to tag all helpful threads, so I don't have to post like this, anymore, but thank you for advice and pointing me in the correct direction.