I've been thinking, Linux has come a long way, especially ubuntu, after returning to it recently and using 8.04 I was AMAZED to see how easy everything was to set up, I almost didn't have any reason to touch a command line (probably didn't have any reason at all) I only did because that's what I'm used to using to work things. . .

Anyway getting to my point, ubuntu has come so far and is as easy to use as windows, if not easier at some points, so why is it it seems that only the technoligically adept, or curious, of us seem to be using it still? The typical person doesn't even know what ubuntu is, and I find this very sad.

What I am suggesting is that a few of us get together (there are MANY talented people on these forums) and start designing some sort of advertisement, like an online commercial to be put on websites and posted in blogs.
This isn't meant to preach linux, but at least increase awareness that there are alternatives aside from Mac OS X, to windows, letting people know they do have a choice.

I'm asking for anyone interested in helping to post here and let me know you are interested and ideas on how this could be done, designers and advertisers, throw up suggestions on what you think, webmasters, let me know if you have a website with room for the advertisements or commercials.

I'm thinking a video, demonstrating alot of the choices and capabilities that come with linux, maybe even playing a game or two through wine and showing off compiz for the longer commercial
And maybe a smaller cgi commercial that simply says something about choice and ubuntu

and of course square and banner ads could be use, with just a decent eye pleasing design with ubuntu and choice involved

any takers?

One guy can not do this alone