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Thread: noobie, stupid, need some ubuntu help!

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    Exclamation noobie, stupid, need some ubuntu help!

    basically...i had an XP pc and wanted to dual boot. so i made about 13 gigs of unallocated space in XP to partition with Ubuntu. however, i ended up formatting the C drive, i think. i have a couple files i need to get off of there, and Ubuntu is the only OS installed on my comp, i think
    please help? please?

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    Re: noobie, stupid, need some ubuntu help!

    shut down immediately and reboot from the live cd, the less you do now will better your chances (although slim) of getting the files back
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    Re: noobie, stupid, need some ubuntu help!

    from the live CD

    Output of :

    sudo fdisk -l
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