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Thread: Can't login. (Fprint problems)

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    Can't login. (Fprint problems)

    I'm completely new to Linux in general, so I apologize for my lack of details.

    I was trying to get my fingerprint reader to work in Ubuntu 8.10. I had the fprint gui up and was trying to enroll fingerprints but it said it couldn't detect any devices. Unfortunately, I stopped and shut down before I managed to get any prints enrolled. Now I can't login at all.

    Again, I'm new to all this. I've only tried a few things that I've seen online that were stepped out completely for me. I tried to use the text-only root to change my password, but that didn't work.

    My hardware is a Dell Studio 1535.

    I would appreciate any help or just a step in the right direction.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Can't login. (Fprint problems)

    hi joryw84,

    I tried to use the text-only root to change my password.
    Sounds dangerous...

    So what exactly do you mean, by you cannot login? Are you getting to the login screen?
    Is your password not accepted?
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    Re: Can't login. (Fprint problems)

    Yes. Sorry, I should have mentioned that. I can get to the login screen. I enter my ID and my password once, then it asks for my password again, so I give it again. Then it tells me that my ID and password do not match and that characters need to be in the proper case, which I know they are.
    I think it has something to do with it wanting a fingerprint to match, but it has no reference.

    And the only reason I tried the root is because I hoped it would accept my text only password and disregard the finger print.

    Hope that helps.

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