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Thread: Connecting to an N-class Router

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    Connecting to an N-class Router

    Hi There,

    I'm trying to connect my Ubuntu machine to my router which supports 802.11abg and n. When i connect i only get a speed of 54Mb/s which leads me to believe that i am not connecting to it at an 'n-speed'. I just reconfigured the router to use WPA2 encryption. I was told by Dell tech support that in order to connect to a router at "n" speeds i need to use wpa2. I just did this using vista (i'm dual booting) and i saw a significant speed increase (from 54Mb/s to 130Mb/s)

    Do i have to do something to my settings to allow it to connect as as n-class device or should it do this automatically?

    Edit: I'm using ubuntu 8.04 with an intel 4965AGN built in wireless card
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