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Thread: security advantage both to and from Linux

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    security advantage both to and from Linux

    my unsafe surfing brother in-law got linux on the computer I gave him [a security advantage from Linux] no more reloads. [for me]

    I tired of reloads with a greatly disadvantaged operating system and migrated to free open source. [security advantage to Linux] By then those with the problem know about loading an OS.

    this trend has been helped along by the nice folk at M$.
    In an effort to curb piracy, milk the last $1 out of XP, and help migration/upgrade there are no updates to their OSes with faulty licenses. this allows hackers to help their license enforcement by turning the unlicensed desktop to trash.

    those without functioning license are left with reloading a broken OS often or learning linux. for me 7.04 made the choice easy.

    a friend I gave an Ubuntu desk top to for kid use said the kids want windows. I said you buy it and the AV and I'll put it in.
    it is still Ubuntu.
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    OS upgrade with no hardware upgrade: $0.
    having a smooth first install: ....priceless.


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