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Thread: acer aspire gemstone 5720z

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    acer aspire gemstone 5720z

    I am a rank newbie to the Linux environment. My acer has been outfitted with Ubuntu 8.10. Now the darling thing wants to overheat and shut down instantly. Perhaps someone has a fix or has posted a thread already dealing with this particular problem.
    One of its other quirks is that it will operate wirelessly with a belkin external wireless G USB, but will not use the onboard Atheros card. It says it has the driver and is using it but "no go".
    I like what I have seen so far,but....
    On the plus side it does use a Logitech wireless mouse flawlessly..just plug and play.

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    Re: acer aspire gemstone 5720z


    I currently have a Acer Aspire 5720Z running 8.10

    The wireless (atheros AR5007EG) card works for me with the backports module. (method 2 in post below)

    link to Atheros AR5007EG solution

    Also have a problem with the temperature (found out today)

    Sound sort of works with the the sound card type set to toshiba instead of acer. Sound is better with acer, but internal microphone works with setting set to toshiba.


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