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Thread: Gutsy -> Hardy User Issue

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    Gutsy -> Hardy User Issue

    I just upgraded my laptop from Gutsy to Hardy. After running the config for both my user and root everything with the exception of the following issue seems to be resolved. In Gutsy, I used to be able to see all settings, and any other 'root' related applications. However, after the upgrade they have been removed from my settings selection. In addition, anything that requires root authority no longer prompts me for the root authority. Why is this? In Gutsy, for system setting changes I was always prompted for the root password, not with Hardy that seems to have been taken away.

    Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    Antwort auf Deutsch auch angenommen. Danke.
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    Re: Gutsy -> Hardy User Issue

    in administration> user and groups' you can setup users permissions in user properties.

    i am uncertain what exactly you are asking, i hope that helps.


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