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Thread: No KDE?

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    No KDE?

    Hi! I have Ubuntu 8.10 on an iBook G4, and I thought I'd try KDE on it. When I tried to install kubuntu-desktop, I got lots of errors about missing KDE stuff, and when I tried to manually look for KDE packages on Synaptic, they weren't there. Does it mean that there's no KDE for the PowerPC version of Ubuntu?

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    Re: No KDE?

    No, I don't think as of Ubuntu 8.10 (especially since it uses KDE4) you can still get packages for PPC.
    If you really should use KDE with PPC architecture I'd recommend using Ubuntu 6.06.

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    Re: No KDE?

    Actually for now, if KDE is your thing, perhaps stick to Hardy 8.04.1:

    While there doesn't appear to be an Intrepid release, there does appear to be the early-alphas of Jaunty Jackalope if you want to try the "alternate" text-based installer and are willing to submit bug reports or know that alphas aren't possibly very stable!

    If you find something show-stopping, I'd definitely report Jackalope issues in the Jackalope Testing forum instead of here:
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