hi again,

I'm running 8.10 on an HP pavilion dv2700 laptop, which has these "quickplay" buttons. they are all working fine but the "Q" and the DVD-button - that is, touching the Q or dvd- button doesn't do anything. I tried out following this guide:

the problem being that linux doesn't even recognize when I'm hitting one of these two buttons - all the quickplay buttons are called "XF86...", and in keyboard shortcuts the configuration seems all right, launching the media player (I set it to elisa, though I don't really know if the command line should be "elisa" or "elisa %s", by the way...) is "XF86AudioMedia" by default - but, as I said, linux doesn't realize when I m hitting that button (neither to set it in the "keyboard shortcuts" menu)

is there any way to add these buttons so that linux recognises them?

thanx a lot for your help