I've a problem with nm-applet in the new Ubuntu 8.10. When I first log in, it works fine: the nm-applet tray icon appears, and it connects to my wireless network.

However, if another user logs in, the nm-applet icon is not shown in her tray icons area. That's actually not a problem, because the network still works.

The huge problem is that if the first user logs out, then the nm-applet is shut down, and so the connection is lost. Then the second user must manually start nm-applet to get the connection back to work.

Am I the only one experiencing this problem? Is it a configuration problem or there is something wrong with the new nm-applet for 8.10. I've been using 8.04 since a week ago, and everything worked fine with that distribution (users could log in and out whenever they wanted, the nm-applet icon was always present in all sessions, and the connection was never lost). What's wrong with 8.10?