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Thread: wireless cuts in and out

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    wireless cuts in and out

    Hi, I'm having a wireless problem where the wireless will work well for some random length of time (usually between 1-5 minutes), then all of a sudden for about 30 seconds it will just stop. I have the system monitor on my panel and it will show normal activity while working, then absolutely nothing for those 30 seconds where it doesn't work. I have full signal strength during the whole time and my XP install on the same laptop has no problems.

    Also, it seems that the problem is more apparent when the wireless is under heavy loads

    Any idea how to fix this?
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    Re: wireless cuts in and out

    I have the same problem after installing the latest update. In my case, the wireless icon flashes between 80 and 0% connection. However, I can still do whatever I need to do on the internet without any problem. Not sure what is going on here...

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