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Thread: lubuntu do not detect 3g mobile broadband huawei

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    Re: lubuntu do not detect 3g mobile broadband huawei

    Hallo again guys,

    As pdc said, 1446 is this dr. Hyde part of the stick (storage). To turn it to modem, you use usb_modeswitch program.
    Don't bother using wvdial or some text based pppd confs with secret hacking "AT" commands, coz' your problem is not in the net management, but in the modem discovery! (even if it's seen in the lsusb, but as a stick, as we said just above)

    DETAILED SOLUTION (as example, with my huawei 1750):

    sudo apt-get install usb_modeswitch
    2) then make its conf file (/etc/usb_modeswitch.conf) look like:

    DefaultVendor=  0x12d1
    DefaultProduct= 0x1446
    TargetVendor = 0x12d1
    TargetProduct= 0x1001
    3) Then make the Udev rule, to launch usb_modeswitch, when the stick is found (/etc/udev/rules.d/15-huawei-e1750.rules):


    Some additional tips: Above method is only for huawei 1750. If you have different model, change idProduct in point 3 and DefaultProduct in point 2. It's to be easily found by simple lsusb command.
    Don't change "Target" params.

    If you wanna use some else manufacturer's modem, try changing also Vendor Id, but i don't know what should be as Target Product Id. Maybe some generic modem (some even, low, nice number )

    But, there are always some sour buts. The problem lies in the "MessageContent" and the "Message Endpoint". They are different for every model of modem and can be found by using some USB sniffer program, similiar to Ethernet or wifi sniffers.
    They say it's easy with Windows programs.
    But i didn't manage to get info using Linux programs and using Wine showed no messages either.

    Much of Luck

    P.S. In Ubuntu i have no /dev/ttyUSB0 at all. In Lubuntu it was present.
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    Thanks a ton dude....

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