Hey all,

I recently upgraded to 10.10 from 10.04. I have an ATI Radeon 3870 video card. Before the upgrade, I was using the radeonhd driver.

After the upgrade, I tried fglrx, radeon, radeonhd, and ati drivers in my xorg.conf.

Every single one crashed the display (and I did reinstall mesa in between to fix libgl, and reboot between each switch).

I understand that a bump in xorg broke all the drivers, and that fglrx was a beta version from ATI. I am hoping that fglrx will eventually work w/ my card.

So, the question I am asking and the reason for this thread is: to all you radeon 3870, 3870x2, 3850, 38xx, 3800 series, etc, how are you doing on Maverick 10.10?

I am currently running the vesa driver @ 1680x1050 on a 1920x1200 screen (yuck).