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Thread: Laguna Public School to pilot test e-book reader

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    Laguna Public School to pilot test e-book reader

    Laguna to test e-book readers

    SAN PEDRO, Laguna—Student Aldon Abinante, 14, wanted an iPad for Christmas after seeing one from a classmate, and he intends to download music and other computer files with it.

    But he did not know that the electronic gadget the size of a regular notebook could actually be his single school gizmo, replacing the heavy textbooks he normally carries to class daily.

    His only concern though was his classmates who live in distant areas where there is no electricity in Bay town, and they might have problems with recharging the electronic book (e-book) reader.

    “Is it a computer? Could it carry as much (e-books)?” asked Roger Yu, a science teacher at Laguna Science National High School (LSNHS). At 54, Yu has not yet seen an e-book reader.

    its all about replacing heavy textbook with an e-book reader in public schools.
    and it could be running in android linux.
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