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Well, if your time is limited, I would first ask, why fix the problem then ? Are these denials preventing you from using firefox ?

Second, each denial is likely an edit to the firefox profile. You will need to post the exact denials, uneditied, or learn how to configure apparmor yourself. In other words, I can not tell you how to fix the problem as you edited the denials and did not post the raw data.
Yes, the main problem that I'm encountering is that I cannot save my downloads to the locations I wish to use.

Under the commented section "# Default profile allows downloads to ~/Downloads and uploads from ~/Public" can I just list the directories I wish to be able to use?

For example, I see this entry:
owner @{HOME}/{Desktop,Downloads}/** rw,
Can I simply add below that one the following new line?
/shared_location/downloads/** rw,
Is "owner" necessary? Why does it use two asterisks as wildcards?

I will be happy to post all the DENIED messages that I'd like to address, but if we can solve my download locations issue, that would be a great start and I would really appreciate it!

EDIT: thanks for this great thread! And for you aa-profiles repo!!!