Ubuntu Users,

On my main desktop machine I run a LAMP server that is not connected to the internet, it's just for testing web sites locally.

Since upgrading to Ubuntu 10.10, my /etc/hosts on my local testing
machine keeps getting wiped out.

After the first time I noticed it happening, I thought, "okay, fine, must have been over written during the upgrade". So I put back in what I had before.

Then later, my local web sites weren't working again, and it turned out
my /etc/hosts got wiped out again. Maybe after a boot.

So it looks like when Apache starts up, it generates /etc/hosts, or
something, and I need to put my list of domains in some other file... or

I figured I'd go to the Apache web site to see what's up, but it seems like this isn't something Apache does.

My local LUG has suggested that this behaviour is particular to Ubuntu and it's network management "features".

Does anyone know if this is something Ubuntu is doing?

And in any case, does anyone know how I get my /etc/hosts file to not be rewritten every time Apache starts?

Thank you for any advice.