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Thread: Pimping out the Pad

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    Pimping out the Pad

    Ok so I have a little project for my new place. ultimatly I want to run the same music on the top floor as on the bottom floor and outside. I also want to have the same vizulizer running in all three areas. The kicker is that the original sound device is an old magnavox record player with left and right speaker wire connects only.

    This is how I'm planning on accomplishing it.
    - Speaker wire to 8.5mm male(hook up record player to the computer)
    -insert that into my microphone In on the desktop. (microphone in is what i would use)
    - while on the desktop have it visualize any Input in**(I have no idea what to use for a program here)
    -Play the same music through my computer speakers(face them out the window so the outside has the music)
    -then on my audio out split it into two outs So its the exact same thing playing
    -run a 30' 8.5mm down stairs to the surround sound hooked up
    -use my vga output on my desktop.(to give my downstairs the visualization)
    -run a 30'vga video cable down to a second monitor
    -use the second dvi port on my graphics card to run a projector on the outside.

    I am using a dell inspiron 530
    its has a 8600gts graphics card
    4 gb ram
    2.5 duo core processor

    I am just curious if this should work. If anyone knows of any software that can visualize any audio in. any better cheaper options you can think of would be fun to hear about.

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    Re: Pimping out the Pad

    I am just curious if this should work.
    If you want atrocious, distorted noise then what you have proposed will 'work'.

    The output from the gramophones speaker wires is several magnitudes higher than a microphone input (or even line-in) is designed to process.
    The overload will cause severe distortion if not failure of some of the components in the chain.

    Thats before we even get to the line frequency hum from the differing potentials having audio devices powered from separated mains sockets.

    Then there is the induced noise and interference from running long leads carrying small signals.

    Worst case, could be quite a lot of fun if you like fireworks. (bangs, smoke, sparks.)
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    Re: Pimping out the Pad

    Do not post duplicates.
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