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I have decided now that, because I have other users on my system, I would like to encrypt my home directory. Can anyone lead me through the necessary steps to make that change my ~/ directory from unencrypted to encrypted?
I would suggest that you probably don't need an encrypted home directory, if you already are using encrypted LUKS volumes. The primary use case (in my opinion) for these encrypted directories and volumes is to prevent a thief from stealing your data if he is able to steal your hardware. Your encrypted LUKS volumes already take care of that. To protect yourself from other legitimate concurrent system users, file system permissions would normally be the tool of choice.

If another user can gain root on your system (via sudo or any other means), file system permissions won't be sufficient. However, neither will any other method, including encrypted home directories. So, I would suggest sticking with file system permissions. However, if you want to look further at encrypted home directories, you could reference this page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EncryptedHomeFolder