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Thread: Ubuntu on Eee PC T101MT

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    Re: Ubuntu on Eee PC T101MT

    @Aldamuhu: I've tried netbook remix but actually changed to gnome version of Ubuntu, because I'm more used to it and you can easily hide or move panels if you need more space. It seemed working enough well, at least the Lucid version, because the Maverick one I tried later was only an Alpha and I can't tell how it works now. There is a new interface, called Unity, on the left, useful for touchscreen, to launch applications.

    The stylus works well with the multitouch package made by Plippo, sensitive to different levels of pressure. There are some bugs that developers are trying to get fixed, and there is still something to do, in order to make anything work well. Anyway, it seems to me better than Windows, in the end, especially with the new Intel Linux driver.
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