Yesterday I tried to re-install Ubuntu. Long story behind that, I wont bore you with it.
I used Parted Magic to remove the partitions that Ubuntu was using. I then rebooted, and I get Grub come up saying that no such Partition exists. I guess it's looking for the Linux partition. I can use the Ultimate Boot CD's boot management tools to access and boot my Windows 7 though.
The problem is, that Gparted will not allow me to modify the partitions on my HDD any more. Attached is a graphic of the message and the layout of my hard drive.


Note: i use windows 7 which came with an emergency recovery tool built into a separate partition.

It says to use Windows 'chkdsk /f' tool to scan the drive. Hard in 7 with UAC not giving the primary admin clearance to allow it, but I got it to. Wrote 'chkdsk /f' in notepad, and saved it as a .bat file and ran with admin privileges.
So, it scanned thoroughly, with 5 methods and 30 mins, and I booted it twice like it said to. I received no text regarding corruption or correction. Still I get the error message. Any help please?