Hi guys,

I've been directed here from the Meerkat forum...

I just upgraded my UEC cloud to meerkat to try and use the eucalyptus 2.0 tools that are installed within it (as I couldn't find them in a 10.04 package).

The install appears to have gone OK, but now my cloud in broken..

I can't seem to register any clusters even though the logs seem to indicate that they are working OK and are being seen by the CC.

When I try and log into the front end on the CC I get an error:

"The call failed on the server; see server logs for details"

I've looked in the logs and can't really see anything that makes sense, however, when I do a


I get..

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/sbin/euca-describe-clusters", line 4, in <module>
from euca_admin.clusters import Cluster
ImportError: No module named euca_admin.clusters

and other describe-* commands return similar problems. This looks like an issue to me.. but I'm not sure where to start looking to try get tis going again.

I have got around the front end error by resetting my password, but I still can't seem to register the nodes. There are no "VM Types" on the configuration page either but, I'm assuming that this is because of the nodes not being registered correctly.

The odd thing is that when I do a

sudo euca_conf --no-rsync --discover-nodes

The two node controllers are discovered, but they are reported by IPV6 address rather that IPV4 as they were in UEC 1.6. Is that causing the issues?