I compiled a 32 bit SVN development build of PCSX2 (playstation 2 emulator) for Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10. The bad part is I have a 64 bit system and can’t test it Here it is if anyone wants to play with it. Internally it says build 0.9.7.r0 but its the latest source from 09.04.2010.

This is not a deb package meaning you can decompress it and pretty much run it form anywhere. It even has a nifty set up wizard when you first run it. Also you will need a legit Playstation 2 bios (scph39001.bin, is the USA version I think) from a real playstation 2 to use this emulator. DO NOT ask where to get the bios on this forum, I'm sure that'll get this thread closed and make me a sad panda.

Download >> PCSX2 SVN build from 09.04.2010