Hi all,

So I'm still not exactly an Ubuntu power user - but I've been running a dual boot on my Acer Aspire 5735Z laptop since version 8 now. I've never had any hardware problems before Lucid came out but now I think the power management system is playing up.

The laptop functions fine - but after it's been on for a while (I've not managed to find a connection with any obvious event) the RingSensors battery sensor screenlet I have running reads 0%, while the system panel notification says the system is plugged in and fully charged.

I find if I turn the laptop off once this condition has been entered that it will shut down as normal - but will not turn on again until the power button has been pressed once with all power sources (battery and cable) removed, I assume because some residual power is being left in the system at shutdown.

This is really annoying, since it's not exactly a practical thing to keep doing, and it means I can't rely on the low battery indication of the system either for auto-hibernation or even my own notification. Of course, it was also pretty scary the first time I tripped it and had to figure out how to get the thing working again and still makes me worry that Ubuntu aint treating my pretty li'l hardware as nice as it should!

If anyone else is having this sort of issue or can think of a workaround I'd like to hear? Also if it's worth a bug report... I'll be happy to try and provide any more information to help of course!