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Thread: Testers wanted: Improved Backlight for 2010 MBPs

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    Testers wanted: Improved Backlight for 2010 MBPs

    Hello everyone,

    while investigating gpu switching on a mbp 6,2 I discovered how apple does the backlight setting on the recent mbps.

    I added the new method to mbp_nvidia_bl, but as I have only access to one mbp it would be great if someone could test it on other models. Benefits include smooth transitions between brightness levels (like on osx) and doing stuff the right way.

    Please only test this if you have sufficient knowledge of installing kernel modules and general linux stuff. And as everything hardware related it's possibly dangerous, just in case.

    Howto: Remove all old backlight modules, download source, install it, modprobe mbp_nvidia_bl debug=1, cd /sys/devices/virtual/backlight/mbp_backlight, cat actual_brightness, echo 1 > brightness, echo 15 > brightness.
    Additional points for posting the relevant dmesg output from the module here, especially the mux version.

    This might also work for older mbps with graphics switching, for this edit /usr/src/mbp_nvidia_bl-0.24.3/mbp_nvidia_bl.c, find your model in the table and replace "nvidia_chipset_data" with "gmux_chipset_data".

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