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Thread: Increase your ADSL speed

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    Increase your ADSL speed

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    has anyone seen BT offer this little contraption called an I-Plate, which is advertised as a 'broadband accelerator'!

    the I-Plate fits onto your master phone socket, and can be bought from BT or ebay for around £5.

    i did some research into this, and came to the conclusion all the iplate does is counter-act/filter out interference from other electrical appliances in your home, and extended wiring used for additional phone sockets.


    it has been claimed these little suckers can increase your speed by 60% is some instances, although some have reported a lot less, and some have even reported slower speeds since using the I-Plate.

    once the device is fitted, your master phone socket will protrude a lot more, so you may have problems if its in a tight area.

    a bit more research indicated their were two more options for the slightly more adventurous.

    one involves opening the master socket, and physically removing the 'bell ring' wire. this is an obsolete wire that was used to make the old 'pulse' phones ring, but does nothing more than add interference now.

    the other option is to replace the master socket with an adsl filtered NTE5 faceplate. this essentially acts as a microfilter, splitting voice and data at the point the line enters your property, cutting down the need for addition filters.

    a guide to perform these can be found at

    not sure if any of this is relevant to non UK broadband though?

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    Re: Increase your ADSL speed

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