So I tried to load Ubuntu 10.04 on my home pc right. Got cd loaded and all great now what? Updates requires over 200Mb of download. OMG that is crazy I don't even have internet at home so what to do?
Go to work install Ubuntu on work machine connect to internet and download updates! Great now what?

I cannot even play music or run any windows apps as promised from Ubuntu on my home machine unless I connect to internet!

Conclusion Ubuntu actually is rubbish because many South Africans don't have internet and it is frigging expensive.

I have searched forums and tried 10 different ways to do this but there are non that just work!! This is a tremendous shortfall in Ubuntu and that is why I will just continue using windows for now. I praised Ubuntu to all my friends and now look like total idiot because they all tried it from the CD I gave them but also can't do anything with it. Totally useless operating system unless you got loads of cash to download all the stuff and install millions of apps using funny codes!

I downloaded numerous apps at work but cannot get them installed at home??? Ubuntu people please sort this out asap.
Advertise links so I can download repositories to dvds or get updates easily from one machine to another. This is way too complex I would rather use illegal windows that works before I use supposedly "free" Ubuntu that does not work.
And now I can't even post my thread because I got too many unhappy faces? See even Ubuntu forum is not user friendly!