Running v9.10

I'm having a SubVersion authentication problem. I have my svn server installed on my web hosting service. I only use the svn client under Ubuntu.

Until now I had one big project in which I version controlled everything that needed controlling. I decided to break things up into individual projects.

I created a second project on my web server using their web panel. No problems there. I imported a little utility that I've written in C. That went fine.

The problem is that svn is not caching my credentials. I have to supply a username and password upon every invocation.

The SVN books says that credentials are stored in ~/.subversion/auth. Not under Ubuntu. Apparently it uses Gnu keyring. I can see the new credential in Keyring ( applications->accessories->passwords and encryption keys ) but svn is apparently not paying attention to this credential.

I've tried deleting the credential in keyring and running svn again. The credential is re-created but is ignored.

I don't know what else to do. Help please!