I need help starting this problem. It doesn't seem like I'm given enough variables to use any equation.

A pipeline is to be laid for supplying water to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park.
A flow rate of 600 gallons per minute must be delivered.
The water is to be drawn from the Colorado River at an elevation of 3734 ft, and is to be pumped to the South Rim with elevation of 7022 ft.
The land and river layout requires that only a part of the pipeline can be above ground, and the remainder must be placed in a hole directionally drilled at angles up to 70º from the vertical.
The total pipeline must not exceed approximately 13,200 ft. in length.
Under steady flow operating conditions, the head loss due to friction is estimated at 290 ft., in addition to the static lift.

(a). Estimate the diameter of the commercial steel pipe in the system.
(b). Provide the pumping power requirement if the pump efficiency is 61 %.
(c). If a pipe of 10% larger diameter were used, would the power requirement of the pump increase, decrease or stay the same?

Any attempts or brainstorming will help.