For the last couple of months, I've been experimenting with Ubuntu on my laptop, seeing what I liked and didn't like and so on. The biggest difficulty I've run into is picking a media player. I ruled out Songbird pretty early because I really don't like the iTunes interface. I finally settled on Exaile after hearing that it was a Gnome-friendly player based on Amarok, which I'd read to have outstanding reviews.

So far: I really like Exaile's default interface, and it runs very well for long periods of time without any stability issues. However, there are a couple of issues I've come across with it, and was wondering what could be done about them.

1. Exaile does not seem to like anything with diacritic marks over the letters. It doesn't always transition cleanly between them, and has a bad habit of replacing the "special character" with random symbols. It makes listening to music in German and Russian an issue at times, and has also done some weird things to my Queensryche playlist.

2. Vaguely related to issue No 1., Exaile insists that I have two copies of Eisbrecher's "Antikörper" album. I checked the files, and I only have one. However, Exaile loads two copies of every song each time I try to play the album, and one "copy" plays just fine, while the other won't play at all.

3. Exaile also seems to only let me have one permanent playlist. I can create and save playlists normally, but they will often be gone when I close and restart the program.

TL,DR: What's your favorite media player for Gnome Ubuntu?