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Thread: Disagree with the user above you

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    Disagree with the user above you

    The rules are pretty simple.

    The poster above you has an assertion at the bottom of their post. You are to first disagree vehemently with it, and then post an assertion related to your disagreement with the previous poster.

    I'll start:

    Emacs is the most awesome editor in history.


    My intention is that each poster uses TWO lines - one to disagree with the statement above him/her and one to compliment that disagreement.

    So an example of a response would be

    Emacs is a lousy piece of junk, even if you can easily use it to perform virtually any function you could expect from a text editor and more with a few keystrokes

    Vim is far superior to emacs, although I have no idea why and think I just say so to feel different.
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