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Thread: Commonly used and favorite apps

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    Commonly used and favorite apps

    I noticed it's a bit dead here so instead of necroposting I decided to start a new thread, i'm just gonna shoot out some of my favorite apps that I use on a regular basis, maybe we could all find something new by sharing our favorite apps with one another... maybe... or maybe it will just be another list of apps everyone knows already. you never know

    here's my list in no particular order of favor

    tweetdeck desktop | twitter
    Skype | voip
    screen | virtual terminal multiplexer
    irssi | irc
    alpine | email
    deluge | bittorrent
    chromium | browser
    filezilla | ftp client
    subsonic | web-based media streamer
    boxee | media center
    recordmydesktop | screen capture
    vidalia | tor gui
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