Just joined - happy to see a Linux group available! But on first look it seems more northerly oriented. . . any members / meeting sites in Southern Maryland? There used to be a LUG down around Leonardtown, but when I checked last it was defunct.

I'm pretty busy but would really like to get together with other Linux enthusiasts and learn a bit more about it. Have used various distros over the years, from Slackware & Xandros to PCLinuxOS and finally Ubuntu and Mint.

I'm a little lazy, and prefer things to just work when I want to get something done, so have done not much with the CL except when I had a problem and that offered a fix. I bought a Ubuntu book a couple of years ago, but didn't seem to get a lot out of it. Like I say, I'm pretty busy with work and other extracurricular activities, so I don't get to spend time fiddling with the computer much. It would put some life in it for me to have other real live humans to talk with about it - a little analog to balance the digital!

After years of installing on older hardware, mostly laptops, I bought a System76 laptop a few months ago and am extremely happy with it. It's the fastest, most capable computer I've ever owned, by a long shot. I also have a Dell Mini 9 Hackintosh that I like very much; an older Thinkpad dual-booting Ubuntu & Mint; and three computers at work, one of which runs Linux.

So that's me - hope to meet some of you soon and talk one of my favorite subjects: Linux & Ubuntu!