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Thread: Adding USB Drivers

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    [SOLVED] Adding USB Drivers

    I have a i.MX51 (arm) based system. Sharp PC-Z1 and I am
    trying to get a USB Dongle WIFI working.
    (The internal one died)

    The usb stick is a RT2870 device and the system does have

    It also has /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.28-15-araneo/drivers/staging/rt2870

    Makefile and Kconfig

    but that is all. no rt2870sta.ko etc

    Is it possible I have enough on the system to complete the generation of the needed file to enable this device?

    It's Ubuntu 9.04


    Well it turns out the syste, had gcc/ld and full kernel headers
    I followed directions that came with the driver source from the vendor (rtlink)
    and it builds fine but the driver does to activate when I plug the device in.
    The Driver did not have my USB ID in it; found the table in the source and now the device is seen (in my case a macro USB_DEVICE)

    Now to get the network manager to see it...
    My device US was 148f:3070 and I found a 3070 driver on the RAlink site.
    I also switched to WICD
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