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    Quote Originally Posted by OfficeLinebacker
    jpkotta, I just ran reconfigure, and that's only for options within the program. I am talking about command line arguments. most notably -verbosity 9. How do I set those? Or are those in the realm of the second way?

    edit: the second way seems to just allow editing of the client.cfg file, which again does not affect the arguments passed to the program, I don't believe
    Okay when you downloaded the script and uncompressed it there should have been 2 files called client and system. Look in those files for an example. I don't use those files myself, I used to until jpkotta pointed something out to me. Any way I can't remember if you edit the files then run the installer or edit the files in the folding dir, you'll have to ask jpkotta about that. Example of client.options file. Remember Linux command line arguments go here or system, of course.
    # Folding@Home Linux client options.
    # This file contains per-client options.  It will override options specified in 
    # /etc/default/foldingathome, if it exists.
    # Use the CLIENT_OPTS variable to set any options that you want the client to  
    # use.                              
    # Example: CLIENT_OPTS='-advmethods -forceasm'                                 
    # Run the client executable with the help option (e.g. "FAH504-Linux.exe -help")
    # to learn what options are available.
    # Options specified here will override system-wide options.
    # To keep system-wide options, use CLIENT_OPTS="$CLIENT_OPTS -opt1 -opt2 ..."
    # Remember that double quotes are different than single quotes.
    Oh ya, I almost forgot to tell you that these files only come with the more recent scripts. Like I said you probably want to download and install the latest script. Uninstall your current one by using
    sudo ./ uninstall
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